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We have been given the most amazing resource.

It points to a Creator

who is



Resourceful and


When we reconnect to the earth, through reflective or playful time in nature, we are able to reconnect to the part of us that is

Generous, Abundant, Resourceful and Forgiving. We also recognize our power and responsibility to care for this great world we've been given.

As we place our feet in the earth and our eyes toward the stars, we recognize that we are that mix of both significant and small in the scope of the universe. We matter - and we don't have to carry every burden.

To live with that kind of peace, means we bring that peace to every place our life touches.

As we ground ourselves in the earth, nature exchanges with us, its tranquility for the stressors we carry - it reminds us of the great wonder we live in - and the great wonder that we are.

"The power of a story." ~ Stacey Robbins