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We are Spirit.

That invisible, eternal part of us that came here for a finite time to heal and fulfill our purpose.

'Spire' in Latin - means 'to breathe' and is where we get our word 'inspiration.'

We are here as the Breath of Life and to breathe Life to others.

So many of us go through times of losing touch with that part of us. We get into habits that don't support us -- and distractions that derail us.

We live very head-heavy sometimes. By our to-do lists or temptations - because we've lost the sense of connection and vision for what we are here to do.

The return to listening to the spirit is a key in our living our happiest, healthiest life.

When we can come to that place of inner stillness, and be at peace with what we hear
and who we are,
we are able to move forward that eternal mission

In our finite world.

It is probably the most satisfying moment - when we wake up to that part of us again and experience that true delight of living from that place in us that breathes life.

At Common Ground, we are committed to listening and helping others to get back in touch with their Divine purpose and with their inner communication through meditations, prayers, and practices that support their truest essence - the Spirit that gives Life and brings Life.

"The power of a story." ~ Stacey Robbins